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explosion yesterday evening that created a horrifying scene many people will never nor get. it began with a thunder russ rowel sending up a human ball of fire. it shot up hundreds of feet into the air, it jumped from home to home with poiferl winds stirring the flames. >> jade hernandez is at one of the shelters but first let's go to claudine wong. >> reporter: good morning, dave, yes, we are on glenview and skyview, as close to the command post as they will allow us at this hour. take a look but hind me we can see activity over there. we have seen fire instructions arrive and emergency personnel. ins chiewper two told us we are about three blocks from the actual fire area, firefighters are making progress, there is mostly smoke being seen so neighborhoods certainly much different from these pictures we saw yesterday and overnight when this explosion rocked the
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neighborhood last night and created -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- in its wake. at this hour the priority is still getting this fire out. again we are seeing a lot of smoke coming from that neighborhood. you have the victim's number expected to keep changing as they are trying to account for everyone. the lieutenant governor's office is also trying to get a handle on the situation. abel maldonado has declared a state of emergency. he was on scene this morning and is planning a briefing but -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- fluid situation on their end and they are still trying to figure out the exact location of that briefing, which should be in about an hour or so. certainly everyone is still asking how could this happen. witnesses all report cheering and feeling the explosion
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before that fireball erupted. >> for the last three weeks right down the street after day from work i could smell that distinct smell from the gutter and sewer, just a week and a half ago, pg&e telling me to shut my garage. they are investigating a gas smell, they out there a little bit and load up and took off and now the after moot is this, which is ridiculous. >> reporter: we just talked with pg&e within the last hour, they say the investigation is continuing. they are certainly looking into this. ntsb really taking a hit on that and they are going to look into how this crater, this massive creator was created from this natural gas explosion and really who is at fault. for now though there is so many multiple facets happening as they deal with the fire, they deal with the response and the hundreds of firefighters that have come in here to try to help with this effort. we come back out here live to the command post, again this is skyview and around the glenview area for those familiar with
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this area. they have taken that area over and they basic al have filled it with their emergency vehicles. again they have declared this a crime scene and are keeping everyone back. you have to go through several road blocks to get through. there are people allowed in their homes here because this area is not in danger of burning but they are really restricting a lot of access and they do that because when al the emergency vexes come in they do not want to have any trouble getting to them where they need to be. jade what are you finding? >> we are live at one of the shelters at the veteran's memorial center. we do have an update on how many evacuees are actually spend in the night here. there is about 27 people upstairs sleep especially and about six who are stationed about a quarter of a mile away at a senior center. we are really in the thick of
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the volunteer effort this morning. you can see a lot of pieces that have been delivered. canned food items this table kind f perishable items. volunteers got here tonight and immediately got to work organizing the food and clothes brought in by the community and there has been an outpour of support. much of the perishable food has been taken elsewhere but they say they were big overnight donors, as for needs this morning definitely monetary donations. sent money to the red cross in care of the san bruno firest if you would like to donate. another need is clothes for infants, formula, baby items, some of the things that volunteers have found that they need out here this morning. about a half-hour ago we spoke to the director of this rec center. she says in two hours the san bruno lion's club will provide breakfast for those staying here. >> you know you always do the drills and those things and most of us have been trained
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through the california system but when it is right here n your neighborhood and you know the people that are effected by it, that -- it adds a whole new layer. >> they are going to let the people who registered with us needing assistance of some type or other let them go through here and pick up whatever they might need and whatever is left over will then be given to one of the local charities. >> reporter: as i mentioned this isn't the only shelter set up. the other temporary shelter is located at the church of the highlands at 1900 monterrey drive. i want to bring you back out here live pause the red cross has 15 to 20 volunteers helping where we are this morning. many more spontaneous volunteers who just felt the need to come down here and lend a hand. you are looking at a few of them. we will hear one of their stories coming up but if you are looking for information about a loved one log onto safe
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and or go to we will have that link on our website. reporting live from san bruin 0, jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. >> -- jade and all residents who lived in the fire zone you are being asked to check in with city officials. if you have not done it yet please call the special hot line number set up by the city, it is area code 650-616-7180. or you can simply sign in at one of the evacuation centers. make sure you stay right here with us ktvu channel 2 all morning long. we will have live updates from the scene of the explosion, from the evacuation centers and from some of the hospitals where some of the victims are still being treated. you can get updates and see more of the video of what happened in this fire on our website. >> out of the dozens of people
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injured 15 were taken to kizer medical center in south san francisco. only two stayed there overnight. the rest were evaluated and either treated and released or transferred to another facility. >> we are caring for the people as best we can. people are calm. people are working very hard. >> now four of the injured were transferred to st.ñfrancis memorial hospital in san francisco, which has a specialized burn center. we do have an update on those patients and one transferred in from seton hospital in daily hospital. a fourth is listed in serious condition. another person was determined to be in good condition and was eventually treated and released. >> law in forcement officers are guarding the area after reports of looting.
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deputies are guarding some of the homes effected by the fire and they are out there questioning people. they are checking ids to make sure only the people who live there are in the area. officials say already a man and woman have been arrested. they are suspected of stealing from two homes. >> let's check back in with sal he is monitoring traffic in the area, alternate routes that are needed as well as the rest of the bay area commute. >> yeah people are waking up not knowing if they are open and they are. skyline boulevard has opened although there are closures obviously in that neighborhood effected a lot of closures and police are asking you to stay away from that area unless you have legitimate business there. this is not the time to show up and just you know go down and take pictures or something like that, just stay away from the area. if you are a commuter this will not effect you. none of the flights are
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effected either. this is 880 north and southbound here traffic is moving well. throughout the bay area not too bad of a commute when it comes to major incidents. bay bridge by gings to get a little bit of a back up now. just a small one at the toll plaza. 6:08 here is steve. >> sal, thank you. on this friday let's take a look at the wind -- [ inaudible ] >> -- midnight around 10. it has gone down to calm. well, about three. west fort west three to calm. so there is not much in the way of any wind. the wind will pick up later in the afternoon but it is nothing compared to last night and fog around 200 feet. gain, calm to less than five miles per hour. headlines shows warmer weather, not a lot. this week has gone from one extreme to the other. monday was hot, 90s. we had the big cool down and the clouds on wednesday, today is -- [ inaudible ]
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>> -- start another cooling trend next week and our forecast molds are really trying to come in sync with rain about this time next week. we will see. i will throw it out there. the pattern looks like it is changing, which would be breaking news. we will see though. just patchy fog but a north wind will take care of that. 68 in san francisco after yesterday's 67. temperatures starting to warm up in the higher elevations. 30s in the mountains. the nights get cold, so keep that in mind, 40s and 50s up and down the coast until you hit southern california, a little spit in the atmosphere
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near portland. the cool pattern is ejected out. warmer, patchy fog coast, 60s there -- [ inaudible ] >> -- sunny and warmer today, late breeze, 80s through the interior, 70s around the bay, peninsula, 60s and 70s on the coast and the 5 day does show warmer weather into about saturday then i think we top it out, cooling trend starts next week. >> 6:10 is the time. we will continue to bring you the very latest on that deadly explosion in san bruno, a news conference is askedded in the next hour. >> also one of the uc berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran will be on her way home soon. what may be may be be hind her release. >> there is a shake up in the president's team. i am carol han -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ]
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-- [ inaudible ] >> -- boom, boom, shook the hole house, i ran out -- [ inaudible ] >> -- flames, i grabbed my video camera and started run in down the street and i could feel the heat from way up there and the first thing i had thought was god, there is a lot of people that are dead right now. >> we are following the gas
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explosion disaster in san bruno this morning. three people are confirmed dead. could be morech many people are forced out of their homes. now the fire is still burping this morning. we want to show you video of some of the hardest hit areas last night. the powerful gas line explosion created a crater in the neighborhood. many people are still looking for their loved ones. >> my uncle is down there and supposedly he losed his house, we tried calling him and he is not answering, supposedly he lost his house, he lives on clairmont. >> search crews will spend the next few days if needed looking for more possible victims. >> we will have more on that as it comes in now. time now 6:15. also this morning president obama will be trying to sell and also defend his new economic strategy in washington and also expected to announce one of the key people he has selected to help get that job done. carol han joins us from washington to tell us what to expect. >> reporter: good morning, dave. president obama continues his economic offensive today. this week he rolled out a trio
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of new proposals to jump start job growth that include a $50 billion plan for rebuilding america's road, a tax break for businesses that make big upgrades and reinstated taxes for the wealthiest americans. republicans are in an uproar over more spend in and more taxes but here is how the white house is playing defense. >> are we going to go back to the type of ideas and the type of policies and the type of actions that -- that led us into this mess or are we going to take step stoss continue to strengthen and grow our economy and add jobs. >> reporter: this mosh we are expected to hear the president has chosen this man to be the chairman of his council of economic advisors. at 41 he would be one of the youngest chairman in history. he is also i hear and amateur comic and very well liked in
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the white house. the president talks in about two hours. >> sarah shourd, one of the three uc berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran will be set free tomorrow. her mother, who lives in oakland is on her way now to meet with her mother. there is speculation she is being released as a humanitarian gesture coincidic with ramadan, considered a time of clemency within the muslim world. police have found another body in the home of a man bludgeoned to death. they fear this may be the son of the other homicide victim. the florida minister who threatened to burn the islamic holy book and then said he will not do it now says he is reconsidering. the reverend terry jones said he only cancelled it because he
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was told the planned site for a proposed mosk mere grand zero would be moved and now he says he found out that is not the case. >> let's check back in with sal. >> not a lot going on. even in the area of san bruno it is light. 237 traffic looks good, no major problems crossing at 80 and again it looks like today could be one of those furlough days but many times we don't need that. just our friday light around the bay. a live picture of 880 near the coliseum. also this morning near the bay bridge a back up forming now, here at the toll plaza. westbound traffic looks good once on the bridge. here is steve -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- and warmer after 90s on monday, 60s on wednesday and then a little bit warmer
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todaych conditions are a lot better at sfo, last night, 20, 25 miles per hour, went to 10 at midnight, now only three miles per hour, actually it is calm to three. temperature 47, humidity 75%. there is a little bit of piece of good news of the the wind will pick up later on, though -- [ inaudible ] >> -- foggy, sunny and warmer, 60s, 70s and low to mid 80s, 48,000, santa rosa-napa, a little cool for some. [ inaudible ] >> -- build in so patchy fog, sunny, it will by a little warmer though, to haves 80s through the interior, 70s around the bay, 60s and 70s closer to the coast. cooling trend starts early next
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week, pam and dave. >> there are changes at starbuck's. starbuck's says that is to eliminate customer confusion, but the move also makes room to add calorie counts. healthcare reform requires that information be posted by late next year. toys-r-us announced plans to expand to a total of 600 around the country. that means holiday jobs for 10,000. there are already toys-r-us stores in several locations. the company hopes those will lure holiday shoppers away from the big buck stores and on line retailers. >> we continue to focus on the disaster -- >> yeah -- >> -- gas line explosion there as you look at these pictures -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >> -- new information and this is still a developing story. ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ]
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>> -- against the u.s. how the florida minister who threatened -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >> -- this morning. [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ]
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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♪[ music ] all right. pardon me. news chopper 2, i guess we are losing the picture here, news chopper 2 kind of in and out here approaching the fire and we do have -- i just want to let you know that traffic is being -- is okay on 101 and 280 and 380 near the scene and our news chopper 2 is up above. we will let you know more about what the freeways look like in that area. now back to the desk. >> in afghanistan thousands protested the florida church planning to burn the koran. they burned an american flag at mosk after the meeting. this morning firefighters are trying to stop that fire.
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they worried high winds could spread the flames into the town of boulder. that fire is 45% contained. crews hope the weather continues to work in their favor but no one is willing to estimate when that fire will be fully contained. more than 160 homes have been destroyed but no serious injuries. a 52-year-old san jose man was executed today in washington. cal coburn brown was executed by lethal injection for the rape, important churr and murder of a seattle area woman in 1991. brown had a history of violence against women, including a 1977 conviction in california for assaulting a woman with a knife at a shopping center. >> our time is now 6:25. back to the san bruno tragedy. emergency response teams are just now beginning what is sure to be a long and very painful day. they are going to keep going door to door looking for more victims of that gas line explosion disaster and the big
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fire there. at this point it is hard to know exactly how many people have been killed or hurt. at least three people are known to be dead. several more remain unaccounted for. now a small army of emergency workers are on the scene of this disaster in san bruno. firefighters from 9 san mateo county cities are involved in helping out and hundreds of police officers from all over the bay area are out there providing security. there have been reports of loot in in the area. >> well, this morning the red cross is operating two shelters in san bruno for evacuees. we are out there live. here is a look at one of the shelters. you can see a huge amount of supplies are there for people. that is at the veteran's memorial recreation center. that is at 251 city parkway. the shelter has been stocked
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with food and supplies. they are sorting through clothing. they are asking people hold off on your donations at this point. they do have plenty. another red cross shelter is operate in at the church of the highlands at 1900 monterrey drive. now both locations evacuees are also given any as sistance they might need to deal with all with al of the things, the difficulties they are facing now. they are asking you check in -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- record -- >> -- everyone -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- comes up, the sunlight is giving us a clear and a better look at the devastation in one san bruno neighborhood. we will continue our coverage of the gas explosion and fire
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that has caused death, injuries and mass destruction. >> reporter: we are 11 at the command near just near where the fire area is this morning. we will diff you an update coming up. >> we are keeping any eye on wall street. they are remembering the september 11th attacks a they get ready to ring that opening bell.
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welcome back to the morning news. they are getting ready to ring that opening bell there or just ringing the bell there this morning. and a number of things going on to commemorate -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- this morning, there on the nasdaq a number of personnel there. they are asking that -- the traders refrain from trading between 7:29 and 7:30 our time.
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they are going to post a 0- broadcast a message at the nasdaq market site tower there in times square. also there is a september concert going on raising money for the families and family members of the victims there, but again that is a live picture at the nasdaq where they are remembering the september 11th attack -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- flag up top there -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- definitely very much effected in that and so there is a lot of solemn ceremonies there this morning. >> yeah. and we do say good morning to you, thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news, friday, september the 10th. i am dave clark clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> in the news for you this morning, pg&e officials are telling ktvu this morning they will fully cooperate with the investigators to help figure
6:32 am
out what caused that $ly gas explosion in san bruno. that is ground zero but dozens of homes have already been destroyed. at this hour parts of the neighborhood are still on fire and that is hampering the rescue efforts. let's go to claudine wong. >> reporter: good morning, dave, yes, we are at the command center. and you can see behind me there appears to be a briefing. this is on sky view and glenview and they have basically taken over this parking lot. the fire area is just about three blocks from here and now that we do have daylight we do expect more information to be coming in. the devastated neighborhood that got hit just about three blocks from here, smoke still coming from there and fire,
6:33 am
still, what we are seeing this morning is a human improvement from the incredible pictures we saw yesterday from this same area when the explosion just raced through this neighborhood. at this point there is still a lot of consider for any other possible victims that could be in that devastated neighborhood. emergency crews are still trying to account for everyone but with more than 50 homes destroyed and more than 100 effected you have a big task on your hand and a lot of people that need to pe accounted for. the lieutenant-governor will be talking with us in the next half-hour to an hour. that situation still fluid because he was out here for a few hours this morning from 130 time to 4:00 taking a look at the scene, getting a look at the damage, but even where they
6:34 am
want to put hem that location is changing now, because of the fluidity of the situation. they heard it. >> i hard an explosion. >> the whole street is engulfed in flails. it is ridiculous. >> the whole house started shaking like it was a huge earthquake and windows started rattling and we just heard a big explosion and everyone ran outside, the whole block ran outside and we didn't see -- [ inaudible ] >> 0-airplane crash, airplane crash, and no one really knew what happens and we just hear after one screaming and boom, flames just came out of nowhere. >> reporter: now evidence of where that all began is pretty easy to see from a huge creator that was created by that huge
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explosion. pg&e telling us this morning they are looking into this. we have talked to neighbors who report smelling gas for several days and in fact a couple of weeks before all of this happened so a lot of people frustrated saying you know was this something that could have been predebted could have been prevented had some kind of nall gas problem bin inspected again, this obviously will all be locked into it. back out here live at the command post a couple of trucks making their way through. this is just above the fire lynne and the fire area, beyond them is a little hard to see but we can see smoke out here, you can certainly smell it. you can see county fire through there and a backhoe and again if we go back down there you can now see the number of
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personnel gathering in this area presumably for a briefing. they have pushed us back a distance. they certainly don't want effecting the easy flow of traffic as they try to get a handle an this situation and still try to get a handle on this fire. and we are going to keep an eye on this situation. most of the damage occurred after the sun went don so now that we are getting daylight, news chopper 2 is up there we hope to bring you picture of what this neighborhood has now become coming up a little later. live in san bruno, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we want to go to allie rasmus at the st.ñfrancis
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hospital with an update on the victims taken there. >> reporter: i just spoke with a public information officer from san francisco or excuse me, st.ñfrancis memorial hospital. she says later on this morning we will be hearing directly from the physicians and the medical people who have spent the hours treating the burn victims from the explosion and fire in san bruno. st.ñfrancis does have a specialized burn center and right now there are four patients here receiving care. three are in critical condition. one is in serious condition. the patients who are here at st.ñfrancis were transferred from kizer early this morning. now in the aftermath of the fire a total of 15 people were brought to kizer south san francisco medical center.
6:38 am
that was one of the central locations a lot of the injured were taken to. several people were brought to san francisco general hospital. 1 is in serious condition suffering from smoke inhalation. one of the five was released. right now officials at st.ñfrancis hospital say later on this morning we will expect to hear from some of the physicians and medical personnel working at this hospital's burn center. we will continue to monitor the situation and update you when we find out exactly when that press conference will happen. for now reporting live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 6:38. there is a lot to talk about and sal is coming back not only to look at our area but a big
6:39 am
mess, a big -- something just happened in southern california. >> that's right, dave, you are familiar with the l.a. area, in phone tan a, california a train has derailed, one person has been critically injured and another person has been yn juried. these are pictures from one of the news choppers there. this train obliterated the
6:40 am
other train. one person has been injured there. and another critical injured -- [ inaudible ] >> -- through the area, if you want to drive up and down the peninsula i would use 101 and stay away from 280 for now even though it is open and by the way pam asked me if the san francisco airport is effected. not really put the airspace above this disaster area has been effected. a lot of small aircraft from all kinds of media outlets are there so it is dangerous flying in that area but sfo has not been effected per se. let's move long and take a look 880 north and southbound the traffic here looks good on the nimitz freeway. now, here is steve. >> all right. sal, thank you. a little bit of fog. that is it.
6:41 am
we start off clear. wind at sfo has tailed off dramatically towards sfo, south san francisco is 22 miles an hour. last -- [ inaudible ] >> -- three miles per hour out of the west-northwest so we have tailed off big time from the 20, 25 down to almost calm really. it was calm last hour now it is three miles an hour out of the northwest, temperature 57, humidity 75%, today will be a little warmer, there is patchy fog out there, otherwise clear as you saw. the weekend looks nice to warm, 60s by the coast, 80s, inland, all of our models are looking at the possibility of rain by this time next week. we will see, we will see but there are signs of that, just details need to be ironed out. in advance of that -- [ inaudible ] >> -- patchy fog then sunny and warmer away from the coast. 55 san francisco right now we will go for a high of 68 today. one of the keys for the warmer
6:42 am
weather inland plus eight it has mt. tam -- [ inaudible ] >> -- 59 compared to 24 hours ago, sonoma though is 46. >> sanford 59, gilroy 50 -- [ inaudible ] >> -- 20s even up towards truckie so be advised we are heading up there, the nights are now cold, 1 you goat to september forget it. [ inaudible ] >> -- otherwise the cool air has moved out although it settles in for some so we do get that temperatures in the 30s and 50s on the lows, fog on the coast and warmer weather away from the coast, maybe -- [ inaudible ] >> -- regrouping on the cost. 60s there, a few 70s, 70s and 80s inland, fog increasing gradually over the weekend, and then another cooling trend next week. >> all right. we want to give you some more information in the san bruno area. the san prune 0 park school district says most of its schools will be closed today. all 7 elementary schools allen,
6:43 am
belaire, crest more,el crystal, john mure, portola and rollingwood will not hold classes but cap pew chino high school will start classes classes at the regular time. stay with us for continuing coverage. there are a number of news coverages scheduled. if you have to head off to work we will continue to update our website as well. >> good info, there is much to tell you. we can also tell you federal agents have now fortunateliy -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >> -- minutes california's lieutenant-governor will hold a news conference. he will tell you us the latest on the state's response -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ] >> --
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♪[ music ] >> welcome back to the morning news. we want to take you live to san bruno again this morning as the sun comes up to get a better look at that area after the fire and explosion yesterday evening.
6:47 am
you can still see quite a bit of smoke in the area. last count, last report the fire is still burn in in part of that area. claudine wong is there as close as she can get getting information. we will check in with here is just a little bit. >> here is a quick look at some of the other top stories we are following for you right now. sarah shourd will be set free tomorrow. her mother is on her way now to meet her daughter. some are spec lating she is being released as a humanitarian gesture coinciding with the end of ramadan. investigators found another body inside the hercules home where a 73-year-old man was bludgeoned to death. so far there is no positive id on this second body but authorities fear it may be the body of frederick salas, the
6:48 am
son of reds victim ricardo salas. and the florida minister threatening to burn the koran and said he would not do it now says he is reconsidering. he said he only cancelled because he says he was told the planned site for a proposed mosque would be moved. now he essay in he has found out that is not the case. >> next to our -- back to our top story here. the deadly explosion in san bruno. we want to check in with the people evacuated. jade hernandez is there. >> reporter: good morning. just in the few hours we have been here we have seen many residents come out here to drop off items. we can show you we are at the rec center. this is the veteran's memorial rec center. this is just one of the several
6:49 am
shelters set up by the red cross, volunteers started aarriving and got to work. there are piles of clothes. volunteers have been sort in these all night. they have been organizing the food and clothes. as for needs, monetary donations in care of the sun bruno fire effort. the support is also walking in. self came in to drop off diapers and baby formula. one heard the explosion. as she watched the continuous coverage of what was going on in her backyard she came down here. >> because i have lived here all my life and this is just very devastating. i was a friend last night as we
6:50 am
watched it and the whole house shook. it is hard to believe it is happening here. >> the other temporary shelters is located at the church of the highlands. i understand they don't believe any of the vook wiis spent the night there. we are being told by the red cross only a dozen people slept here overnight. that number fluctuated because no one knew how many were sleeping upstairs. i have been told they have since dispersed. of course all of this information is coming in. we have also learned the animal has about three animals that have been picked up. in fact someone is down here this morning so anyone who come down here who might have lost a
6:51 am
pet is being directed back to their shelter. a lot of stuff, a lot of activity is going on here. we will talk to people who actually spent the night upstairs coming up. we will have that for you in a few moments. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. san bruno officials are asking everyone who lives in that fire zone to please check in. they recommend calling the special hot line on our screen. we also have it on our website, area code 650-616-7180. even if you have a place to stay with family or friends you a asked to sign in or call that number so that everyone can be accounted for. >> 6:51. in just a couple of minutes we should be get in and update from the acting governor of california, abel maldonado. earlier this morning he declared a state of emergency for san bruno. he is the acting governor while
6:52 am
governor schwarzenegger is on his way to asia right now. in his statement he said my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the explosion that occurred last night and in that -- in san bruno, he said the state is going to do everything possible to get recovery resources to them as quickly as possible. >> all right. 6:51 is the time right now and we want to check in with sal really quick i want an update because i am just getting new information on the school closures, cappucinno high school is going to be closed after all today and we understand park -- i think it is parkside entermealed will be closed -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- area, yeah -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- bay area but is very serious. an engineer of this train unfortunately had to have his arm amputated at the scene after a crash in san bernardino
6:53 am
county near the 10 there has caused a huge traffic jam but also major injuries for two people on this train that crashed into a stationary train on those tracks near the 10. let's move along and take a look at 880 in oakland, that traffic does move well, here in the bay area, traffic moves well pretty much all over the place here. and one more live picture would be the bay bridge. it is light. now let's go to steve. >> all right. sal, thank you very much. we do have patchy fog on the coast and what we will do is we will see na mainly confined to the coast, otherwise it is clear inland. three miles an hour right there, temperature of 57 so the wind is not a factor. it will probably pick up later but nothing compared to last night except for the patchy fog on the coast sunshine and
6:54 am
warmer weather. santa rosa-napa 47, 50s elsewhere. one system to the north is putting the kibosh on the high moving in, the fog though is coming back and then it looks like another cooling trend early next week, pam and dave. >> 6:53. well federal ats now involved in helping to investigate that terrific horrible explosion in san bruno. we will bring you the very latest as ktvu brings you live team coverage of this story. to me a great fashion story
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all right. our time is 6:56 -- [ inaudible ] >> -- mornings on 2, tori. >> good morning, dave and pam. the sun is just coming up and we are getting our first look at the devastating scene in san bruno, the disaster after last night's gas explosion. the death toll is at three but a search is getting underway with dogs to look for more victims. we will also hear who neighbors are saying they noticed several weeks ago that might have been a clue and was a problem. we are live at one of the shelters were displaced residents spent the night. we will have numbers plus what they do and don't want in the form of donations. there is a lot of new information coming in. coverage of news conferences
6:58 am
planned, including ones by pg&e, saab bruno officials acting governor abel maldonado and the hospitals treating the yen juried, again full closure continuing, now back to you. >> coming up on 7:00, and yes, we are expecting a lot of new information come inning. news conferences. we have team coverage, reporters around the area and at the evacuation centers searching for clues and more slicks. stay with us, we will be right back. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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